Q. How do I get to the payment/check-out window when registering for a training?

A.  After selecting your Registrant type (legal services, volunteer, etc.) and Payment Type, click the "Add to Cart" black bubble at the bottom of the page, and a similar black bubble will then appear in the upper right hand corner of your window. This is your shopping cart. It will indicate the number of items in your cart, and the total price of your purchase. Once you have made all your selections, click on that bubble to be taken to the check-out summary window, and from there to the payment window, where you will fill out your billing details, and submit payment, if required.

Q. Can you show me how to register for a training? 

A. Yes, just watch the step-by-step video below!

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Q. How do I know which fee category to select when registering for a training?

A. Use the following definitions to determine your registration type:

Fee Category Definitions

Law Students – Includes law students who do not fit under the Volunteer Law Students category. Also includes other full-time students, e.g., paralegal students.

Legal Aid and LSAC Grantees - Includes MLSC program and other LSAC grantees staff.

Volunteer Attorneys and Non-Profits – Includes private attorneys who are currently volunteering with a civil legal services provider. Also includes employees of nonprofits and government agencies.

All Others – Includes private sector attorneys who are not volunteering through a legal services provider, and anyone else who does not fit into one of the above categories.

Please Note: Attorneys Seeking Emeritus Status and Minnesota Volunteer Law Students may attend trainings FREE of Charge by contacting Ann at aconroy@mnlegalservices.org.

Q. Why am I being asked for my credit card information if I am a MLSC staff member? Shouldn't my program be billed?

A. Yes, your program will be billed, but to complete the registration process you must type the associated promo code into the coupon/promo code field during checkout. You can find a training's promo code just below the training fee information. Generally, it is the date of the training, for example, "july31" or "aug7."

Q. What if I need to cancel my registration?
A.  You can cancel your registration any time before the registration deadline at no charge. Call Ann at 651-842-6911 if you are unable to attend a training for which you have already registered. All cancellations received after the registration deadline, will be charged the full training fee.