New Legal Services Staff - Welcome!

You are now part of a statewide network of legal aid programs. These regional programs, including yours, provide a variety of support services to you and your clients through Legal Services State Support (State Support) and the Legal Services Advocacy Project (LSAP)

What We Do and How You Can Work With Us

I. Educate the Public About Legal Issues

How you can work with us in this area:

  • Go to to find legal resources for your clients
  • Give us ideas or help us write community legal education materials
  • Use our LiveChat service if you need help finding something on

II. Improve Client Referrals to Providers

How you can work with us in this area:

III. Strengthen the Advocate Community

a. Skills-Based & Legal Education

How you can work with us in this area:

  • Find or post resources that might be helpful to you or your colleagues at
  • Participate in the listservs through by sending questions about cases (no client names), issues you see in your practice, or other areas of concern
  • Send us ideas for trainings
  • Volunteer your services as a trainer – it’s a great way to share your knowledge with other advocates and practice your presentation skills

b. System-Wide Support

How you can work with us in this area:

  • Follow us on Twitter at @State_SupportMN
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Subscribe to our blog at to keep up with legal aid news
  • Send us short case notes about your case success (no client names) to share with your colleagues
  • Notify us when staff start or end a position at your office
  • Provide job listings for us to publish and promote
  • Share news with us about staff awards or news coverage for your program

IV. Expand Free Legal Services

How you can work with us in this area:

  • Refer clients to our do-it-yourself document assembly tools on
  • Send us ideas for new document assembly tools on or help us review them for accuracy
  • Refer clients to volunteer legal advice on
  • Sign up as a volunteer and provide legal advice on

Who Are the Staff at State Support?

Websites to Bookmark

For Advocates:
For Clients:
State Support (news, training):

Again, welcome to legal aid. Please let us know if there are other ways you think State Support can support your work and our clients. We look forward to working with you!