Video Explainer: How to Use the LawHelpMN Guide

With the advent of the LawHelpMN Guide, your search for legal resources on just got easier. The Guide is a fast and direct tool to help you find exactly what you’re looking for by filtering the site’s resources based on answers to questions about your legal concern or issue. Then, if a referral is sought, the Guide utilizes geographic, income and other eligibility criteria to display a customized list of potential service providers. Best of all, you can email or text yourself the results immediately. Just look for the words “send results” followed by envelope and cell phone icons near the top of the page. Then click on either icon, enter your information, and send.

For a quick how-to-use overview, watch our explainer video!

Hennepin Lawyer Spotlights

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The July/August edition of Hennepin Lawyer magazine features an article on the newly redesigned, by Tom Walsh, executive director of Volunteer Lawyers Network. Appropriately placed in a section titled Community Connections, LawHelpMN 2.0: The Supercharged Legal Resource and Referral Tool for Lawyers and the Public, makes a case for the usefulness of the site for the entire community: pro bono attorneys, legal navigators, the public and any advocate looking for a meaningful range of legal resources and referrals.

Notably, Walsh’s piece introduces the reader to the site’s pivotal tool, the LawHelpMN Guide, and with it, a user’s ability to generate personalized results (legal education materials, links, legal services) based on their unique situation. Read the full article.

Community Mediation Minnesota: Single Entry Point for Statewide Conflict Resolution Services


The newly formed Community Mediation Minnesota (CMM) is a statewide network of certified nonprofit service providers with skilled mediators ready to help Minnesotans resolve conflicts.  From neighbor disputes to family quarrels, schoolyard bullying to workplace harassment, CMM offers a range of services for individuals, groups, and communities.

CMM member organizations include Community Mediation & Restorative Services, Inc., Conflict Resolution Center, Dispute Resolution Center, Mediation and Conflict Solutions, Mediation and Restorative Services, and Restorative and Mediation Practices. By requesting a mediation or additional information through the CMM collaborative, a person will be connected to the member organization best able to serve them, thus creating a single point of entry for anyone seeking mediation or restorative services. The public can request a mediation at or by calling 833-266-2663.  CMM will even contact the other side to see if mediation is a mutually acceptable option.

CMM also provides remote mediation services for greater Minnesotans using Zoom technology. Regardless of the parties’ locations in Minnesota, or even in other states, CMM can facilitate a mediation.

The soon-to-be-launched rebuild of, will include referrals to services such as CMM for those who may want to try to resolve their problem outside the court system. Because mediation is an alternative to going to court, not all cases are appropriate for it. However with many conflicts involving neighbors, landlords and tenants, family relationships, parenting time, workplace issues and businesses and consumers, mediation may be a convenient and affordable option for resolving disputes and allowing all participants to be heard and to have control over the outcome.

More information about mediation and brochures for public distribution can be requested at