Judge Susan Miles to Close Statewide Conference With Session on Mindfulness at Work

Senior Judge Susan Miles

Senior Judge Susan Miles

In just four weeks registration will officially open for the 2019 Legal Services Statewide Conference: Addressing Disparity: A Way Forward. Running from Wednesday evening, October 23, through noon Friday, October 25, conference sessions will explore the effects of racial, economic and other disparities on our clients and ourselves.

The Honorable Susan Miles will deliver Friday’s closing plenary session, Mindful Ways to Relax at Work and Keep Your Wits About You. Judge Miles is a Senior Judge, retired in 2018 from the Tenth Judicial District Court.

Her address to the legal services community will focus on bringing mindfulness to work. This session will be a thoughtful closing to a conference full of deep thinking about racial justice and other challenges facing legal services staff and clients. Judge Miles will provide tips on how to increase concentration and calm, and rise above the temptation to react to pervasive distractions in our personal and professional lives, through demonstration of effective use of breathing techniques and intentional pauses. Based on her own professional experience, she will discuss how mindfulness practices can enhance emotional and physical resilience, improve cognitive functioning, and connect us more positively to other people.

Judge Miles was elected to the Tenth Judicial District Court in 1996 and was chambered in Washington County until she retired in 2018.  Judge Miles served as president of Minnesota Women Lawyers, the Minnesota District Judges Association and the Minnesota District Judges Foundation, and as Assistant Chief Judge of the Tenth Judicial District of Minnesota, chair of the Washington County Bench.  An active meditation practitioner for over 13 years, she has been qualified by the University of Massachusetts Medical School to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, which she teaches at the University of Minnesota.  Her current business efforts are aimed at helping legal professionals connect with a sense of inner calm and clarity and she has presented to dozens of legal groups on the topic of bringing mindfulness to work.

Judge Miles joins two other featured presenters for this year’s conference: Resmaa Menakem, keynote speaker and trainer on Thursday, and Emily Baxter, kick-off presenter on Wednesday. Registration for the 2019 Legal Services Statewide Conference officially opens on Wednesday, September 4th!