Changes Coming to DHS Appeals System


Did you know that over 15,000 appeals are processed by the DHS Appeals Division every year? This fall, a new Enterprise Appeals Solution (EAS) system will allow agency representatives and appellants to access their appeals information and documents online. Parties will also be able to make requests, submit documents, and receive notices, decisions, and other correspondence electronically. The new system will eliminate the need for multiple databases for tracking appeals, as well as eliminate the dependency on a manual paper-based process.

Since June 2017, the EAS project team has been planning, designing, building and testing the new system. With the help of state and county partners, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is currently in progress.  UAT is one of the last testing phases for the software, to ensure the system works well in real world scenarios. The new appeals system is an integral part of the process to modernize IT throughout the State of Minnesota.

The new Enterprise Appeals Solution (EAS) will assist thousands of state, county and tribal staff with their appeals work.  Those using EAS will include:

  • Financial Workers
  • Health Care Staff
  • Social Workers
  • Attorneys
  • Appeals Representatives
  • Managed Care Organizations

EAS will be used for all types of appeals including:

  • Cash and Food Assistance
  • Health Care Issues (eligibility, claims, prior authorization, PCA and MNChoices assessments)
  • Maltreatments
  • Disqualifications
  • Fraud Determinations
  • Social Services

The EAS will only be used for appeals heard by the Appeals Division of DHS.  The EAS will not be used for appeals under the authority of other agencies, such as the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH), or under the jurisdiction of another venue, such as district court. The Appeals Division and a subset of county and state agency users will begin piloting the system in September. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming training sessions, and when all users will begin using EAS.