VLN's New Criminal Expungement Guide: Valuable Assistance for Pro Se Petitioners

Volunteer Lawyers Network has published a new legal information guide aimed at pro se petitioners seeking to expunge a criminal record. Using a straightforward, numbered format that includes visual prompts and sample documents, "Criminal Expungement in Minnesota: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pro Se Petitioners" explains how to complete the necessary paperwork, and provides tips for increasing a favorable outcome. Using a guide developed by the Court as inspiration, Yaima Couso, VLN’s Robina Fellow, decided to memorialize in writing the information already being covered at VLN’s monthly criminal expungement seminars because she noticed that helping pro se clients with expungement often involved writing down step-by-step what needed to be done.

Of the new guide, Couso said “I think the criminal expungement process can be overwhelming and confusing, even for experienced attorneys. Having an easily accessible step-by-step guide can help alleviate a lot of the anxiety of going through expungement.”

The complete guide is available on LawHelpMN.org in both PDF and online viewing formats.