Everyday Heroes: Legal Aid Service of Northeastern MN and the Volunteer Attorney Program

What happens to those seeking justice in a civil case who can't afford a lawyer? What about those threatened with eviction, dealing with child custody issues, facing bankruptcy, collection notices, or any number of other non-criminal, yet profoundly significant, legal proceedings? How do those unfamiliar with the law and court procedures navigate such difficult situations? These are some of the questions posed, and answered, in a Duluth News Tribune article about the lawyers and advocates of the Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota (LASNEM), and the Volunteer Attorney Program (VAP). These "everyday heroes" are ensuring that Northland county residents who cannot afford an attorney in a civil legal case are getting the access to justice they need.

"LASNEM and the Volunteer Attorney Program — Without these two outstanding organizations, the legal needs, in civil matters, of thousands of Northland residents would go unmet. Civil Gideon may or may come to fruition someday. Until then, we all owe a debt of gratitude to these organizations, the staff and lawyers of LASNEM, and the staff and volunteer attorneys for the Volunteer Attorney Program. Let’s all say thanks to these folks on Law Day — and maybe every day." Read the full article.