MMLA’s Pro Bono Program: Improving the Lives of Clients

Partnership with Lindquist & Vennum Has Dramatic Impact

In January 2014, client sought assistance from Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid (MMLA).  He was injured on the job in 2003.  During his work life he participated in a long term disability insurance plan, and in 2004, he began receiving payments for long term disability. The benefits were cut twice, once in 2012 and again in 2014 (to a level approximating 1/3 of his original benefit).  The client inquired about the reason for the cuts and the insurance company sent a representative out to his apartment for an evaluation.  Following the evaluation, he contacted the company again and was told that in order for him to get his questions answered he would have to provide the company with a valid Social Security number. He does not have a Social Security number.  The client came to MMLA and, through the Pro Bono program; MMLA located Joshua Natzel, attorney-at-law with Lindquist & Vennum, to assist him.

On July 10, 2014, the client received a letter from the insurance company refunding the amount withheld from his long term disability benefit - a total of more than $60,000.00

Without the collaboration between MMLA and Lindquist & Vennum, it is very possible that this client would not have received the legal assistance he needed and deserved. Volunteer attorney, Mr. Natzel, devoted approximately 25 hours in pro bono representation, and was able to successfully get a settlement that will dramatically improve the client's immediate living situation (he currently lives on $1040/month), and has the possibility of  changing his life forever.