MMLA Intake Specialist Receives Sullivan Ballou Award

On October 3rd, 2014, Lila Talvitie-Zamora, Intake Specialist with the Senior Law Project of Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, was honored with the Sullivan Ballou Award for giving her "whole heart" to her job. Ms. Talvitie-Zamora celebrates 25 years with Legal Aid this year. The award was presented by Judge Bruce Peterson, a member of the steering committee for the Sullivan Ballou Foundation, and Ms. Talvitie-Zamora was nominated by her colleague, Genevieve Gaboriault, supervising attorney of the project.

The Sullivan Ballou Fund gives $1000 awards to celebrate and affirm people acting from the heart. They provide compassion, services, or advocacy to their local communities, the poor, homeless, children, victims of violence and mistreatment or the disabled.

Ms. Gaboriault wrote of Ms.Talvitie-Zamora: "The quality that makes Lila stand out is the deep empathy that she expresses for the Senior Law Project's clients. She treats clients with the respect that she would hope to receive if she were a client. Lila never fails to give even the most difficult clients her full attention. And then she advocates for their cases to be selected by a lawyer and champions their causes to the end of the matter. She truly is the heart and soul of the Senior Law Project and a big part of our 30+ years of success. She puts her heart into every case."