Bench and Bar Spotlights Minnesota Legal Advice Online (MLAO) and Legal Information Online Network (LION)

In his most recent President's Page column for Bench and Bar, Minnesota State Bar Association President Richard H. Kyle Jr. discusses the changing face of pro bono, and the easier-than-ever delivery methods enabling volunteerism. 

Two of the newest approaches utilizing technology are highlighted: Minnesota Legal Advice Online (MLAO) and the Legal Information Online Network (LION).

MLAO, a project of Legal Services State Support, allows eligible statewide visitors to submit a legal question that volunteer attorneys can review and answer at their convenience.

LION is a special service of Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota (LSNM), in which eligible clients in LSNM's service area can likewise submit a legal question for staff or private attorneys on LSNM’s Judicare Panel to review and answer at their convenience.

For more innovative pro bono approaches, read the full Bench and Bar article: Not Your Mother's Pro Bono.