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Booklets/Community Ed Materials

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Please note - Any date discrepancies below reflect our ability to make immediate, minor updates to the online version of a booklet, but do not render the printed version obsolete. Significant changes to the law will be duly noted in all printed copies.

__________                   Dealing with Debt

  • 5th Edition Revised, (Online and Printed) March 2014

__________        Child Support Basics 

  •  Revised 7th Edition (Online and Printed), October 2012

___________       Getting a Divorce: A Basic Guide to Minnesota Law

  • 11th Edition, Revised (Online and Printed), October 2013

________   Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders

  • 8th Edition (Online and Printed), December 2012

________    A Guide to Public Housing in Minnesota

  • 4th Edition (Online and Printed), May 2013

________    Rights and Responsibilities of Unmarried Parents

  • 4th Edition, Revised (Online), December 2012
  • 4th Edition, Revised (Printed), July 2011

____________     Tenants' Rights in Minnesota

  • 13th Edition (Online and Printed), August 2013


Legal Steps: Kinship Caregivers Resource Manual

  •  Download only

Full-color brochures are available for in English and Spanish. Call 651-228-9105, ext. 6911 for free copies of this helpful brochure explaining the features and resources available free of charge on the website. A full-color promotional poster is also available.

The Education for Justice Program (a partnership of Mid-MN Legal Aid and Legal Services State Support) provides a collection of legal fact sheets on Housing, Government Benefits, Youth, Seniors, Consumer, Family, Immigration, Work and Taxes. The complete listing can be found at

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